Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Barney Bjork Bbad Bfilm

I recently saw the new Matthew Barney/ Bjork collaborative film Drawing Restraint 9. Barney makes "art" films, see? Although his previous Cremaster Cycle movies could be taxing to sit through, there were some undeniable conceptual high-points which made the whole exercise worthwhile.

Indeed, there are a bunch of highbrow patrons in New York with long-stemmed cigarettes and pillbox hats who like to give Barney ample wads of cash for his undertakings. No expense is spared. Lucky craphound.

Drawing Restraint 9 recycles many of Barney's previous ideas, but without the luster, and brings nothing new to the mix, except Bjork. She sings and prances around, acting typically inscrutable inside the aura of the complete-arteest, possessed by her cadre of muse demons. They say that Barney and Bjork are a very private couple in their personal lives. That's because they don't want to betray the laughs at the dinner table at the expense of the public, who think of them in sacred terms.

In summary, Drawing Restraint 9 is awful and horrible... you could say lousy as well... did I already mention that it was pretentious, completely self-indulgent and tiring too?

Meanwhile, click HERE or HERE to watch Bjork savage a news reporter at a Bangkok airport. Apparently she smashed the woman's head into the concrete multiple times.

Am I sounding like that cranky Andy Rooney again?


Joey Polanski said...

Watch for th strate t video rlease: Drawing Restraint 9 from Outer Space.

Anonymous said...

I think Andy Rooney should focus his rants on obscure topics most viewers don't know or care about (conceptual art, plant genetics) or the culturally inappropriate (dreadlocks vs. cornrows: what's the deal there anyway?).

--Restraining Order 9

paul said...

I'm supposed to be up late writing school papers, but I've ended up Googling for pictures of Bjork.

Just thought I'd share that.

Joey Polanski said...

Google Barney instead!