Saturday, April 21, 2007

Free Dirt

This scene from George Axelrod's "Lord Love a Duck" is required viewing if you want to ascend all 12 vibrational levels of Bloggy-Blog's cosmic enlightenment program. The disciplines here are rigorous. The navel-gazing intense. Consider the cost and proceed with humility and focus. Whoever decodes the symbolism of the clip first wins a Nehru jacket, complete with underarm sweat stains from 60's troubadour Donovan.

I'm not kidding. This is serious. Stop joking around.


Cocovan said...

Papaya suprise is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

That was obscene. Day gonna shut you down.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

When I saw Lord Love a Duck as a teenager, I thought it a pleasant bit of weirdness. But when I saw it a few years ago (30 years later), I found it quite dark humor, disturbing even. Absolutely Roddy McDowall's best role.

For full 1960s childhood nostalgia impact, it would be best viewed on a triple bill with The World of Henry Orient and I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

Geritopia said...

Tanks Mista' Bo Barley for your 'insightful observations, as usual. You never just blurt out something ill-conceived or dumb. I have to work very hard to prevent my every utterance from sounding like it came from a gorilla but you make it all appear as smooth as butter.

My usual pitch at Lord Love a Duck Anonymous meetings goes something like this: Hello everyone, I have a problem. I like George Axerod's obscure comedy from 1966, "Lord Love a Duck". I first saw Lord Love a Duck on KTLA Summer Insomnia Theater many countless years ago. I recall feeling like I'd dreamt it the next day, because I witnessed only fleeting bits each time they repeated it and never quite catching it from the beginning. It was an intriguing movie that made me hellbent on getting to the bottom of it. Eventually, I purposefully waited for it to be broadcast and finally caught it the whole way through. I didn't have a VCR and so, instead, I recorded the dialogue on to a cassette for posterity.

Meanwhile, my friend Dennis tells me he scored a copy of the soundtrack on vinyl (written by Neil Hefti --he's the Batman theme composer). I was quite jealous until I got my own, of course.

Yes, this is all very sick.

LLAD is a flawed movie but I've always felt cozy with it's lingo and attitude somehow. It does slump in the middle and can lose my attention, but then it comes back. It's low-budget and sophisticated; it's of its time and way ahead of its time simultaneously. LLAD is a good film to introduce people to as a test of their appreciation for high-caliber weirdness. If they don't get it, then I must tell 'em to leave and take a cab home. I'm very strict on these matters.

dennis said...

My first viewing of Lord Love a Duck was a pivotal moment in my life (which, I believe, coincided with the first Geritopia viewing).

I'm noticing that these commentaries are Polanski-free. Hmmm, makes ya' wonder, doesn't it?

There's another important TV moment out there, but that's for another time.

This was a wierd scene. The DVD has some behind the scenes things that are mildly entertaining. This is too ramble-y. I apologize.

Geritopia said...

Yes I agree with what everybody above has said -even agreeing with myself, which is rare. I'm that easy and agreeable and I'd like to buy a round of beer for everybody on me.

Mr. Polanski?

Joey Polanski said...

Sorry. Joey dont do online vid.

Geritopia said...

I can post the whole script.

Anonymous said...

Not true, joey. "Soul Sucking Cat at Large"

"Coolest Cereal Pusher Man"

"Best Thing Since Monkeys on Rollerskates"

"Now THAT'S Entertainment"

"Stealing Your Soul With My Digital Camera"

I could go on...

Geritopia said...

Well I hope you didn't spend too much time researching that list Anonymous. No matter. Mr. Polanski has always been notably consistent, if anything... beyond the call. He was there when the chips were down with a barrel under his chin and a martini.

And, anyway, this blog is in a rut.

Anyone got any suggestions? New wallpaper or a new floor?

What do you want me to write about? I open to suggestions. It's come to this.