Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apologies to my 3.5 subscribers

As you may have heard, the Sun is supposed to supernova any day now. So instead of idling around here and wasting precious time, I've been idling over at and wasting precious time there instead. I haven't altogether abandoned the Bloggy-Blog mandate of taking over the planet with my random scrawl, it's just that I have become completely bereft of new ideas or original thoughts. This is the danger of getting older and complacent --not that I am getting older and complacent. Still, be warned, lest you get older and complacent.

Meanwhile, if it should happen that I'm not here to hold your hand till the bitter end, just remember: the status quo is out to eat your brain and fill the empty space in your skull with crazy conspiracy theories. My advice is to stay asleep as long as you possibly can and avoid the harsh winter that lies ahead, just like the bears do. Yes, follow the bears' lead and hibernate. Just make sure you have plenty of beer on hand and cable TV. I guess that's an easy adjustment as life won't change for any of you.

Love each other and don't forget to rotate your socks.