Monday, May 29, 2006

Big Drunk Rabbit

Here's a flawed but instructive walk cycle I made while trapped in my apartment waiting for the maddening holiday traffic to subside. Idd'n't Cuuuuute???

Monday, May 22, 2006

Screen Saver

Here's your FREE bloggy-blog screen saver. Wow! Just click and download. That's all ya' gotta do folks! I want these distributed all around the globe, especially the polar ice caps where it really counts! So do your part today!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lyric Contest Mk:II

Go ahead, throw some lyrics at me. I'll create a completed recorded tune to the one I like the most. We've done this before & we can get through it again.

Ready?... GO!!!

*note: contestants relinquish all rights to material submitted. all copyrights from finished recording become geritopia property. subsequent product merchandising, records, hats, cd's are licensed to geritopia and all geritopia subsidiaries, including, but not limited to: squaresville records and money-hungry-chimps inc. geritopia reserves the right to hang lyricist by the ankles and collect all loose change that falls to the ground, including car keys but exempting passes to all andrew lloyd webber musicals, which remain sole property of contestant, if so willing and expressed.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Gasp on The Open Hearth

I was digging through the vaults and found these beautiful color frame-grabs from my movie: The Open Hearth (May 7th posting below). The original film was shot in 3-strip Technicolor by Greg Toland but, because of various disputes with the studio brass, my negatives were thrown into the ocean along with the lot from Welles' "Magnificent Ambersons". I'll never forgive RKO for that. Out of work and out of luck, Open Hearth was re-shot on recycled video stock. I was determined to see this project to fruition, in keeping with my auteur leanings. We eliminated all the dance numbers, exploding cars and elaborate crane shots; 'secured Herbie and Tony's participation by offering "points" on spec. In the end, it was brought in slightly over-budget at $ 10.00. The Open Hearth premiered in someone's butt... I forget whose it was.

the acropolis




Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nostradamus Scores Again

I gotta say, there's really something very troubling about any product mascot who would cannibalize his own for a buck (and I do mean for a buck-buck-buck!!!). The Pollo Campero food chain invasion has begun. Their mascot shows no sign of remorse as he delightedly holds a plate piled high with the broiled remains of his brothers and sisters. What kind of monstrous icon is this? Why not add a salivating Mr. Potatohead plucking some fries from the plate? It just makes me nauseous.

Double-barrel to the back,
or just the glazed look of greed?

Close-up reveals mascot maintaining composure
under some kind of duress... hmmm.

I hear the food's pretty good there at PC.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

For the love of Pete

I've brightened up the contrast and fixed the out-of-synch-ness on the previous posting's movie. Go back and watch it again. Now you can see things.

Joey Polanski, where are you?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Big Fun at the Open Hearth

The "Open Hearth" was my first attempt at documentary --and it shows. It was shot whilst moonlighting with camera equipment from a local cable company. This nine-minute short offers a slice of suburban nightlife during the height of the Reagan-Era.

Folks, give it up for "TNT"! They're a two-man music combo fronted by a tuxedoed Herbie Tepper. Mr. Tepper knows how to push the entertainment envelope. He cajoles his audience by shining a flashlight into their faces; does spot-on impressions of TV's Columbo; sings all the great lounge lizard standards and punctuates jokes with rim-shots from his own drum kit. In a stirring patriotic finale, TNT performs an "olympic medley" as a nod to the sporting event taking place in LA that year. All the while, laid-back musical partner Tony Gianini stokes the musical engine behind Tepper's "complete entertainer" showcase.