Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lyric Contest Mk:II

Go ahead, throw some lyrics at me. I'll create a completed recorded tune to the one I like the most. We've done this before & we can get through it again.

Ready?... GO!!!

*note: contestants relinquish all rights to material submitted. all copyrights from finished recording become geritopia property. subsequent product merchandising, records, hats, cd's are licensed to geritopia and all geritopia subsidiaries, including, but not limited to: squaresville records and money-hungry-chimps inc. geritopia reserves the right to hang lyricist by the ankles and collect all loose change that falls to the ground, including car keys but exempting passes to all andrew lloyd webber musicals, which remain sole property of contestant, if so willing and expressed.


Anonymous said...

Don't cry for me if your name is Hoyt,
I've got a woman waitin' for me up in Detroit.
When the symbols ring hollow at the end of the line,
I'll be takin' off my glasses and feelin' fine.

Geritopia said...

Heh, heh... Yeah, great start. Fantanstic. C'mon folks, don't crowd the line. Geritopia readers are creative people who read newspapers and stuff. There's a pent-up artistic engine out there that, left unused for so long, will explode in office cubicles across America. Don't waste away like that! Are there any other anonymous's with the verve of that last one?

Here, I'll help you get started: "dum-dee-dumm-dee-dah... do-doo-be-dum-dee-dee" ... GO!

paul said...

This is a song that I wrote long ago

Except for this part where I'm telling you when I wrote the song.


Cocovan said...

I watched in horror as the flames grew higher,
the unmatched socks made me the liar,
It crushed the skulls as it was meant to be,
I quenched the thirst with a cup of tea,
It seemed for us it was the time,
I'll be taking off my glasses and feelin' fine

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh at me if my name is Merle
'Cuz I've been around near the whole damn world.
At twenty years old I got hit by a truck.
Woke up in the Navy, God damn, what the fuck!

(The name of the song is "The Ballad of Merle or Hoyt".)

Geritopia said...


polly esther said...

I wandered around in a drunken daze
and the cries of the turtles left me unfazed
so I pawned all my crap and I moved to Maine
I smashed those damn glasses and now I'm sane

Geritopia said...


Cocovan said...

I have small pockets they hold alot,

Not too atractive, But thats all I got,

It seems me their the talk of the town,

One big hole and it holds me down,

So next time you see me, Just smile and wave,

With my hands in my pockets, I'll try and behave......

Geritopia said...


Cocovan said...

Dear sir please insert "to" in the third line of my lyrics between the words "seems" and "me"...
Thank you.......

paul said...
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paul said...

Cocovan, those are the most touching lyrics yet! -Until now, that is!

Anonymous said...

Hoyt said to Merle,
"I know what you're going to say,
that even a broken clock
is right twice a day."
Merle said to Hoyt, "I might be
leavin' you behind, 'cause you been
steppin' on my glasses and I'm
feeling blind."

Cocovan said...

so alas as I sit and ponder the day

I looked to my left but was in the way

I moved to my right but still cannot see

So I drink the bottle thats in front of me

I grew too close and had to be pruned

But pickled instead I can't leave my room

Let it be my warning for you to be free

If I get my glasses then maybe you'll see

Geritopia said...

I'm taking a boat to Madagascar to study a reptile so rare. So it's down to the basement I must repair. To pack my luggage with a monocle and stylish mustaches aplenty. But my itchy behind is there to remind me of a burn that is so incendiary. Piles will prevent me from living life to the fullest. I said the power of piles will prevent me from running and jumping, yes piles is what doth rulest. Me. So I unpack my bags and watch Oprah and such. It's not a bad life for a guy who's half-Dutch. But what's a bit much are re-runs of Starsky and Hutch and the National Geographic specials about the rare reptiles from Madagascar that I never petted. There I said it.