Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nostradamus Scores Again

I gotta say, there's really something very troubling about any product mascot who would cannibalize his own for a buck (and I do mean for a buck-buck-buck!!!). The Pollo Campero food chain invasion has begun. Their mascot shows no sign of remorse as he delightedly holds a plate piled high with the broiled remains of his brothers and sisters. What kind of monstrous icon is this? Why not add a salivating Mr. Potatohead plucking some fries from the plate? It just makes me nauseous.

Double-barrel to the back,
or just the glazed look of greed?

Close-up reveals mascot maintaining composure
under some kind of duress... hmmm.

I hear the food's pretty good there at PC.


simple said...

What you don't seem to realize is that chickens are naturally cannabalistic. So are cows. All that fuss about the Mad cow disease too...

Who would know better how to cook chicken than a chicken? Mmmmm, I gotta' go. PC beckons.

Joey Polanski said...

If I was a chickn, Id have a defnite intrest in WHICH chickns was bein eatn and whichns wasnt. Id DEFNITELY be tryin t get fokes t eat chickns OTHRN ME.

Geritopia said...

So, the metephore being that the coop is the same politically as in day-to-day human existance.

It's too bad we have to eat or be eaten. Why can't we simply run on solar power?

paul said...

I think chickens would definitely know best how to cook chicken. -Just like how guys are better than girls at being able to fellate each other.

Or so I'm told.

Geritopia said...

what about fellate o'chicken sandwich?

Joey Polanski said...

How woud that stack up against th Hoyt Special?