Monday, October 24, 2005

Nude!-Nude!-Nude! (pt.2)

OK, granted, maybe it's a bit sad to be retelling stories of working at a certain fast food chain with a clown motif. The world is pretty screwed up and our political system is being tested to the brink of collapse, while I'm here writing about the antics of a bunch of lunk-heads throwing cheese onto the ceiling.

Which reminds me, when I was working at the aformentioned clown head restaurant, I invented a designer sandwich christened "The Hoyt Special". ...Pssst, don't tell anybody but it was actually the combination of a breakfast sandwich and what was called a "Moby Jack" (an appetizing block of pneumatically compressed fish). So, try this recipe if you must at your own peril: 1 slice ham, 1 grilled egg, 2 slices of American cheese, 1 deep-fried fish filet, 2 tble spns of tartar sauce on a lightly toasted split-level hamburger bun.

I made poster art advertising the Hoyt Special which I propped up on the counter at night when the manager was away. The example here is a photo of the original artwork. And there were a couple of takers of the Hoyt Special, as I recall. Amazing. It's a wonder, with such enterprising instincts, that I didn't become Donald Trump... but then again how could I? He's not me and I am not he.

Yes, this is all very sad.

photo: Jim DeRosa

And here's a shot of me sitting in a dumpster from the same era, just for the road.


Anonymous said...

But what about Dennis, Tony, Marcel, Jim, Shaukat, and Prakong? Theres no cheese on the cieling in the Box that I was just at. I want stories. My life is dull. I should get a blog, but I don't have anything to talk about.

When did you do all this? Late 80's or something?

Geritopia said...

Everyone has a story to tell. And well.. Shaukat and Prakong were sensational people, probably with their own blogs by now, detailing these things from their own unique perspectives. Coming of age stories; first kiss by the grease fryer, etc. But I've got other fish to fry -Ha-ha-ha!

When did I do all this? yeah, the 80's --yeah, that's what it was.

We never lie here at geritopia.

Joey Polanski said...

Hoyt Special is a crule joke. Fish stimulates th brain, makin th customr realize cheese an eggll croak im sooner rathr then later.

Anonymous said...

"Transcend the staring into the Sun."

Yogi Shanti Bindu

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerit, long time no see! I got all the way to Vice President of development at Jack because of MY brilliant idea of the "Hoyt Special".

Come to my web site:

Love, Shaukat