Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's All This Stuff Then?

Internet + Dating --Two filthy words combine into one surreal experience. Latest statistics: 2 down in 1 week. I started out liking both prospective wives/harem attendants (their words, no hate mail please!) but neither would have me. Perhaps I'd be somewhere if I'd suggested all three of us at once. No, instead I was thoughtful, gentlemanly. Yaaawn. But I should have known something was up when I saw that old tell-tale "What's up with that gap in his teeth?"-look staring over the chianti bottle.

Charlie Brown would most certainly be carrying a *Sigh* balloon at times like these.

I mean, so what if I arrange to rendezvous in the back of a circus tent where they hose down the elephants? And I'm supposed to spend all my sofa cushion change on peanuts for BOTH of us? This is supposed to be the future. The ultimate dating solution in an era of sexual and racial equality. Unisex and spandex, the era of the now-a-go-go-everything-pod, the ibook, ipants, icolostomybag --it's all here folks! So where's the groovy new dating etiquette that we can all understand? Are you listening Brenda Ross?

As you can see, this blog site is definitely in the research and development stage...

Meanwhile, here's something from the Farmer's Market series (2005).

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paul said...

I'm going to shave the ibeard tomorrow, maybe.