Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's Just Television

Today's auction: "It's Just TV". Bidding starts at $ 3,000,00
. Thank you.


Last night I allowed my neighbor's cat into my place after it followed me up the stairs. I let it explore and loiter as I folded laundry, watched a DVD, etc. Later I fell asleep with the cat lying by my feet. I then woke up very early and let it out but I still wonder about the ethics of my having someone else's cat stay overnight. Was this a creepy move on my part? I just don't know. I won't solicit answers because I don't think anyone is actually reading this tripe. OR ARE THEY???


Anonymous said...

What's a "Blogger"?

There's nothing wrong with a cat visit. Cats don't belong to anyone unless they want to-and they can change their minds when and if they want. Well, a cat visit can include pee or poo if you don't have the right receptacle-it's a chance you take.

Sleeping with a cat on you enhances the sleep experience, though often leaves parts of your body numb. Cat near you is the next best thing.

Go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Picasso had too many of the dried nuts before starting this. Reminds me of the way things used to be/

paul said...

I can't help but imagine the 2-year-old girl in feet pajamas, crying her little eyes out about her missing kitty.

Anonymous said...

I once was the recipient of a 3 day cat visit. He and I got snowed in. It was at a timeshare in Santa Fe one Thanksgiving. In this case it was what i refer to as a "Mercy Visit" and it was mutually beneficial. The cat was spared having to freeze to death (that time anyway) and I was spared three days of involuntary solitary confinement. By the way, that cat was one of the most polite houseguests I've ever entertained. He never complained once about the meals or the choice of television programming...