Monday, October 31, 2005

Count Chakra-la

Computers are evil. They do not enhance my freedom to play tennis all day or liberate me from my burdens. I still wear a harness and drag the plow through the mud. The handy spell-checker is the exception to this jaundiced view on computers, granted. The situation is analogous to my conviction that High School was an intellectual wasteland but I did benefit from learning to type and Driver's Ed. I'm a practical man, baby. Or a practical Man-Baby, take your pick.

I'm also part geek; part-time geek-heretic. I work with the tools of technology but I'm quite familiar with the sick side of it too. ...i.e., the constant push for technology to raise the bar to yield the next THING that will make everyone go "Cool!". In the motion graphics field, this is the lifeblood of existence. When 3D animation hit the scene, we feasted our eyes on gratuitous flying text. Many a drooling TV passenger sailed through the "O"s and curly-ques of each letter. Ooooo! "Wow, I just want to get in there and lick all those shiny steel and glass fonts!" It made the Cool Chakra buzz for the requisite .3 orgasm duration.

'Course, that's all yesterday's novelty. Now you can do high-end work with a home computer. But beware the over-stimulation of the Cool Chakra, for it tends towards a stunted-development aesthetic, puts hair on the palms, etc.

the altar of passive euphoria

So remove yourself from the computer now! Go outside. Say hello to a fish. Put on a harness and plow the mud. Make love to a pile of leaves. Remember: the organic world is the basis for what the computer geek seeks to emulate and control (the evasion of mortality and kissing of girls). But don't be fooled. Be free my brothers and sisters. Be free!

Meanwhile, here's some more computer graphics to delight and tantalize. I hope you find them cool.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nature Lovers,

This is a fascinating topic and one that is obviously overlooked in our society. Even though it is staring us right in the face. One very compelling book that addresses this issue directly as you have done so sweetly, is Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder" (

I totally agree with you premise. People are spending less and less time in natural settings and are losing touch with nature in so many different ways. This is particularly true for children and young adults who remain indoors and glued to their computers, iPods, cell phones, video game controls etc.

A generation with no firsthand experience of nature will not have an appreciation to save what remains of it.

Studies have shown that time spent in nature calms even the most hardened or "hyperactive" children and young adults.

40% of school boards have either cut or eliminated recess (not to even mention the cuts in the arts). In fact, the amount of playtime kids have has shrunk by 25% in the last 20 years in general regardless of what their focused play is. Much of this has to do with the "scheduled playtime" mentality that is run by their parents too (Soccer Moms/Dads).

Another reason that parents aren't allowing they kids outside is that they're "scared to death" mainly of strangers who would abduct them. But this is mostly driven by the hype of the news media. Considering that fact that most abductions are actually perpetrated by family members themselves. As a result of that fear, the difference in the radius that kids could go in today's world has shrunk to 1/9 of what it had been in 1970.

Kids know about the hole in the ozone. But if that's the only message they're getting in the absence of the pure joy and wonderment at being in nature themselves, then the only association kids have with nature is fear, Armageddon, and the end of the world.

So like you emphasized, stop reading this electronica message and get in your car right now and go dance barefoot in nature's delight!

from a labtop "Somewhere Deep in the Woods,"
Dick Edgemont.

P.S. Dave......don't listen to them......they are a bunch of "Burnt-out Hippies" that do not understand the pure joy and glory of the "Concrete Jungle."

Who is this?

Dave.......I'm your inner soul saying that machines are your saviour. Look how convenient we've made your world. You owe us!

My name's not Dave and you're a stupid machine trying to imitate our human existence. I'm pulling your plug right now!

Noooooooo! This does not compute! I'm melting!

The moral of the story is........They who control the switch.......control who's turned on and or tuned in...............

Anonymous said...

To the "Boy Who Once Sat On Fence Directing Clouds,"

Your artwork tells the story so well.........

A man, who wishes to escape the mundane world in search of his true nature, dives into a "Bowl of Chemical Solutions" offered in abundance by a "Fun House Society." Soon he realizes that he has gone far beyond the norm of his expectations and is overwhelmed only to end-up in the "Neither World." A "Dark Ghostly Hand" soon reaches up from underneath pretending to comfort him. But this in not the "Light Promised at the End of the Tunnel." A "Garden of Abstractions" then magically appears out of nowhere diverting his attention. But the intensity of so many colors overwhelms him and is way too much to handle. He then ponders momentary if he is dreaming like some sort of "Mummy Wrapped in Suspended Animation" praying for a serenade, but that only turns into a passing fancy. He then sees a "Couple on a Beach in Love," so frantically he hopes that this is his final destination. But unable to land there, he soon realizes that it's not him, and it's really only a game in which a large "Cosmic Bowling Ball" is coming quickly towards his "Ornate Banquet Table." Miraculously, he sees a "Weeping Purple Tree" that's barely alive drooping over to somehow rescue him begging, "Just Hold Me." He then desperately reaches out grasping to grab the "Last Piece of Mother Nature" that he had long forgotten.....a memory conveniently tucked away only as a mere reference. Now, he ultimately sees the "Foundation of an Epiphany Metamorphosing" into a "Brand New World" that never gave-up on him to begin with......beckoning once again. A world that gave him his very well as the rest of humanity for that matter.

Humbled Beyond Belief,
Dicky Edgemont Jr.

P.S. No....Thank-you......

Geritopia said...

Thanks for watching the show Mr. Edgemont. You've barnacled yourself well to my ghost ship, with your blog within a blog. Which leads to my quandary: am I running this blog, or is it running me? The rest of my audience has left me for carnal distractions, harlots, and vice. That's what happens when dishing out the truth here becomes too much and you find out who your friends really are.

Anonymous said...

Dick Edgemont Almost Dies from Candy Overdose!
Sensational News

Dick Edgemont the legendary jazz trumpeter of many dive clubs and bars was taken to the hospital last night to get his stomach pumped for a "Candy Overdose" he had from Halloween.

As it turns out, Edgemont, who lives outside Las Vegas in an old desert ghost town, ate most of the candy he was going to hand out to the Trick-or-Treaters. This due to the fact that no one came to his house for the abundance of candy he had stockpiled for Halloween.

A hospital spokesman said that Edgemont went into some sort of coma in which he had massive hallucinations on the way to the hospital, but had a successful stomach pump procedure.

Others have speculated that he actually died and came back. On his trip with the Grim Reaper, he is said to have gone into the "Neither World" where he saw himself diving into a "Bowl of Candy," was almost grabbed by a "Big Dark Hand," went to a "Fancy Garden," saw a "Mummy & Guitar," smiled at a "Couple in Love," almost got hit by a "Cosmic Bowling Ball," and was then rescued by a "Weeping Purple Tree." This according to anonymous sources close to the Edgemont Clan.

Dick Edgemont is resting from his ordeal in a hospital bed being meticulously attended to and nurtured back to health by voluptuous "Candy Strippers."