Monday, July 31, 2006


This here Romanian band, The "Night Losers" has style. They are my favorite. Watch, you'll see.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Photos for no Reason pt.2

Even more of my photos presented for no justifiable reason or context.

[click for larger]

hey it's the domino's mascot in
the dumpster, everybody

my brother would never divulge where
he got cool toys like this. pre-ebay

only thing missing here are spanky & buckwheat

marilyn in plastic again

ghost chair

probably the weirdest picture of me ever.
at my parole hearing

all photos: copyright Gerit Vandenberg

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Photos for no Reason pt.1

Scrapbook junk from my personal collection of crap, posted for no particular reason. Enjoy, or don't.
[click for larger]

shot off da'TV: doin' "the mouse"

wall of popsicle dreams

view from 3rd & Highland: a prophetic glimpse into my current plight

'pedro warehouse door

doing big work at "Jumbo Clown" studo around '87

twilight zone shot of susie


all photos copyright: gerit vandenberg

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Babies Bouncing and Otherwise

This is my first post written while reclining and pants-less with my new (last-year's model/refurbished) powerbook. It's all part of my physical de-volution which will ultimately find me wrapped in a fetal position around the computer, along with various tubes which transport fluids in and out of my body. All my muscles will finally give way and atrophy. And, of course, I will be hairless and suspended some sort of amniotic lime jello. What other hideous direction can all this be headed?

Meanwhile, I recently did a vanity search of my name on Google and found a couple of new items that I didn't even know about. Looks like I won an award from the prestigious BDA (never mind that I was a bottom-feeder on the crew) and I'm also noted as "Producer" on a couple of Cranes' music listings. The Internet is scary that way. Thankfully, I haven't seen any mug shots or images of me lying in coffins yet 'cause I know they're flying around out there. Still, I do a fine job of being an ass here.

So, dig me. Soon I'll have to moderate this Blog pseudo-anonymously for "Mr. Vandenberg".

Monday, July 10, 2006

They Might be Goldstate

Go over to Goldstate and see what happens when some odd fellows formulate lyrics for a song, on this very special edition of Oprah.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kim Jong-il's Personal Vendetta Against Me

What better day to lob an intercontinental ballistic missile at Los Angeles than the 4th of July? One can just imagine the captive audience already lined up on lawn chairs and applauding the community fireworks show. Then, Boom! -- a very impressive mushroom cloud consumes the sky. Requisite applause, hooting and a complacent suck-up of beer follows. Instinctively the crowd takes this as the finale. "Gee honey, our faces are melting off our skulls... maybe we oughta go back indoors and watch something starring Tim Allen. That always seems to help".

It turns out that Kim Jong-il's latest attempt to settle the score with me wound up being a dud, at least for the time being. If you've been following this story, North Korea's latest long-range missile attack on Southern California fell a bit short and into the ocean only minutes after launch yesterday.

In better times, Jong-il and I were solid and together in China during the 60s, along with Eldridge Cleaver. We'd been training to liberate the name and likeness of Bugs Bunny so that it could be used indiscriminately without regard to royalty tariffs and/or fees --the very blight of Capitalism. It was during this period that I'd borrowed a No2 pencil from my comrade, which I subsequently misplaced. Soon after, I was being confronted with accusations of conspiring to abscond with the "Peoples' Pencil". So, it's because of this incident that Kim Jong-il has been plotting against me for all these years.

Yes, LA's future annihilation is all my fault.

Some say that the leader of North Korea is a demented man, whose worm-holed brain is teeming with syphilitic spirochetes, but I know that this really a tale of unrequited love between a boy and a shiny yellow Ticonderoga pencil.

the end