Sunday, July 23, 2006

Photos for no Reason pt.2

Even more of my photos presented for no justifiable reason or context.

[click for larger]

hey it's the domino's mascot in
the dumpster, everybody

my brother would never divulge where
he got cool toys like this. pre-ebay

only thing missing here are spanky & buckwheat

marilyn in plastic again

ghost chair

probably the weirdest picture of me ever.
at my parole hearing

all photos: copyright Gerit Vandenberg

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Joey Polanski said...

I remembr that Chrismas! EVRYONE was gettin Frankenstein Wif His Pants Down that year!

All xcept them Beahan kids. Alls their parents coud afford was a gillotine -- an ya only get so much fun outta one o them.

Cocovan said...

That photo of you, Gives me the Heebie-Jeebies..........
I'm quite fond of the Jeebies, But I can do without the Heebies.....
Thank you.........

paul said...

That reminds me: I had one of those "Dracula with a Wedgie" dolls. Good times.