Friday, July 21, 2006

Photos for no Reason pt.1

Scrapbook junk from my personal collection of crap, posted for no particular reason. Enjoy, or don't.
[click for larger]

shot off da'TV: doin' "the mouse"

wall of popsicle dreams

view from 3rd & Highland: a prophetic glimpse into my current plight

'pedro warehouse door

doing big work at "Jumbo Clown" studo around '87

twilight zone shot of susie


all photos copyright: gerit vandenberg


Yasamin said...

love the wall of popcicle dreams... thats an outstanding way to show how kids see it. and some adults too... and the susie do the cancan... where have i seen that??? its nagging at my brain that i should know that for some reason.

Geritopia said...

Susie the can-can is part of the musee mecanique:

this photo was taken when it was located at the cliff house. you've probably seen it, either in person or in nightmares.

Joey Polanski said...

Th ol guy in th 3rd photo oughtta stiffn up a bit.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

What's the story behind the "Jumbo Clown" studio shot? Who were you recording?

Geritopia said...

Just some record thing. Elvis-somebody-something, or whatever.

It was an MTV Party weekend, I'll say that much.