Friday, October 28, 2005

The Controversy Over Muscular Babies

Things are heating up at work, which means the risk of actually having less time to devote to my first love: sitting nude in front of the computer and publishing my blog for 3 devoted "people".

When acquaintances find out that I do graphics for TV, they will often ask "where have I seen your work?" with one eyebrow raised --a reasonable question. It's a long story but lately I've been working for an entertainment cable channel doing quick turn-around graphics, the insignificance of which makes me forget what I did the day previous. It's like a blur. The mindset for making TV is just like watching it when operating on that level.

While the highlights of my career include digital dentistry on L Ron Hubbard's teeth (as detailed in 10-25's posting), other jobs had me working on OJ Simpson "The Juice" infomercials (pre-murder spree); "mosaicing" body parts for the H Stern show (censorship means a big wad of $$$ in my wallet and that's obscene); creating bloody cross-sectional illustrations for medical programs; cleaning zits off images of Corey Feldman for his celeb 'expose' show, etc. Actually, it hasn't been bad. I like being a freelancer. I'm just doing my "schtick" here... but the preceding examples definitely come with the territory.

I'm an arteest, dammit! What am I doing???

working at a centrifugal force of 5 Gs

I've easily save more images from just noodling on the Quantel Paintbox than ones made for clients. Lookie here:

...and more to come. weeee!!!


Joey Polanski said...

Yep. Creepd out again. Glad I peekd.

Anonymous said...

Dear Van Gerit,
Yes my are indeed "an Arteest!" You're a part of a greater movement of still living "Underground Artists" (not 6 feet under) in the unoffical "Vincent van Gogh Club" who shall ultimate rise from the "Ashes of Decrepitude" to new "Flights of Fancy" in the not too distance future. My crystal ball is getting hazy now....yet this is all destined to be so say "the Voices from Beyond" who whisper oh so gently with authority.
As to what you're currently doing slumped over backwards "Totally All Dressed-up" with that computer at work? You're working for "The Man" part of your time (okay, a big part of your time) and doing the "Visionary Art" your soul demands the rest of the time.....a noble cause to be sure.
Everyone knows you could be making a lot more money as a "Drug Dealer," "Pole Dancer," or "Corrupt Politician," but you obviously haven't sold out yet (hopefully never to go there) just to impress the neighborhood kids by driving-up in your new "Pimped-up Caddy."
Out of your latest artwork displayed here.....I must say, I'm drawn (like an animated character) in particular to painting No. 4. I see many things every time I look at it (maybe it's the flashbacks?). For instance, I see a "Purple Angel" rising from a large bouquet of flowers with saints kissing her nebulous toes. At other times, I see the "Face of God" eating a mushroom for lunch with a two mugs of purple beer (two fisting it). It's a spectacular painting to be sure in all it's subtle soothing simplicity. The last painting also gets special notice for it's sophisticated unanimity.

Van Dick Edgemont
P.S. "Follow your Art......while pushing that Apple Cart!" ~ Earl the Squirrel
P.S.P.S. As to what we should do with that controversy created by all those "Immature Up-To-No-Good Muscular Baby Gangs" that are currently roaming the streets....there's an easy answer to that. I deeply feel that we should feed them all the leftover fast food and then put them to work in the "Salt-Mines" to ease our unsatible appetite for seasoning as an immediate answer to our national debt.........

Coco is Van said...

Do you smell something burning?