Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Gasp on The Open Hearth

I was digging through the vaults and found these beautiful color frame-grabs from my movie: The Open Hearth (May 7th posting below). The original film was shot in 3-strip Technicolor by Greg Toland but, because of various disputes with the studio brass, my negatives were thrown into the ocean along with the lot from Welles' "Magnificent Ambersons". I'll never forgive RKO for that. Out of work and out of luck, Open Hearth was re-shot on recycled video stock. I was determined to see this project to fruition, in keeping with my auteur leanings. We eliminated all the dance numbers, exploding cars and elaborate crane shots; 'secured Herbie and Tony's participation by offering "points" on spec. In the end, it was brought in slightly over-budget at $ 10.00. The Open Hearth premiered in someone's butt... I forget whose it was.

the acropolis




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Joey Polanski said...

Cngratulations on a job Welles-done.