Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Big Surprise. It's a medley of all the submissions (orig. lyric contest post 11/3) -more or less the usable ones, that is. See, nobody's feelings have to be hurt! I can't believe I did this. There were only the most minor of word alterations. OK, whatever.

Click HERE for mp3.

Medley Lyrics:

(A.K.A. "Will Work For Sleep")

My car stalled and I needed a tow
It died on the street with all of the Ho's
I tried so hard to make it Go
But it burst into flames and boy did it glow

Sandpiper, Sandpiper, Ooo Sandpiper, etc.

Capitulation as to Tantalize the Pompous Pompadours
Into Provocation of Humdrum Machiavellian Melodies Adored

"Huff & Puff" Ye Lampoonist and harpoon "Old Fangled Bear"
Redundant Upheaval Purge to Somersault Beyond Subservient Hell!
Redundant Upheaval Purge to Somersault Beyond Subservient Hell!

His mind plays chess on a water tower checkerboard
His crowning glory checkmate is ignored
He dreams when he wakes he'll be safe and warm
But how can you sleep when you've never been born?

Will Work For Sleep
Will Work For Sleep, etc.

You've got me running in circles
But I can never catch you
Why do you torment like this?
When you know it's so uncool

It doesn't have to be like this
doesn't have to be like it...


Anonymous said...

Dear Gertopia,

This is Robert Hilburn, musical reviewer for the Los Angeles Times (http://www.calendarlive.com/music/hilburn). A good friend of mine has been monitoring your blogs (she digs them) and was impressed enough by the results of your recent song contest as to inform me that it was something I should check-out.

Now normally, I don't have time for reviewing such "amateur song contests," since I'm quite busy as you can well imagine. And no, I'm not a frustrated wannabe musician/songwriter who was forced to become a "Critic." Why does everyone stereo-type us Music Critics into that box? (whatever)

Anyway, I just want to say that I'm totally amazed with what you did with those God-forsaken lyrics by making them come alive. You somehow were able to transform those pieces of coal together into a beautiful mosaic pattern of sonic diamonds.

For what you have done, is create a totally new and unique kind of "Rock Opera" in one song no less, that truly sets a precedence. Sure, one can hear elements of this and that built on the shoulders of those great Pop/Rock giants of the last century. But nonetheless, I'm talking about creating a artistic song that is innovational in it's own right in it's own place in time.

What most notably comes to mind in terms of historic influence, was when the Beach Boys put out "Pet Sounds" in response to the Beatles "Sgt. Lonely Hearts Club Band." But you've taken the best of those worlds and transcended them as to create something totally new.

I also thought it was very cool how you wove together so many diverse musical modalities and genres (best of the past). For instance....the "Kinks," "Todd Rundgren," "Chicago," "Bread," "David Bowie," "Elvis Costello." And your obvious "John Lennon" heavy metal angst thrusting pulsating climatic ending inspired me to even get off my couch to dance! I kicked over a few piles of stacked newspapers in the process (Oppps!).

Man, something that moving and radical hasn't moved me in years! So I want to thank-you for making some truly original music once again that comes from the heart. I'm calling Bruce and Bono up on this one for sure as to be treated to some fine and tasty ear candy.

The obvious question comes to mind, where have you been hiding all these years? No matter.....the main thing for us the audience.....is that you have arrived!

Best of luck and success!


Cocovan said...

I think I'm left with some sort of acid burn, Well it is starting to blister, I'm going to seek medical attention for this..........OW!

Anonymous said...

I love your new song.

With Love,
a Secret Admirer

The Gold State said...

My chest swells! -Which is such a refreshing change!