Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chorus Line of Humanity

Today we can be sure that plenty of folks are fighting over who gets to eat the grizzled but flavorful turkey neck. In one way, it's a time-honored tradition... in a more topical context, it's a means to sublimate opposing political views which would otherwise lead to unpleasant homicides in front of Grandma.

Millions of people in America are traveling in record numbers. Millions of people are eating birds. All this lockstep behavior makes me wonder about statistics and the power of "now".

Like, for instance, I wonder how many people are watching the movie "Planet of the Apes" at this very moment. In particular, the part where Dr. Zaius must admit, finally, that human civilization preceded the ape civilization. I have no way of proving this, but I'd venture to guess that at least 589.05 people (and a handful of apes) are experiencing this pivotal scene at any given moment.

Let us not waver in recognizing the potential that we have here. If America could somehow harness the collective thrust power of, say, every person blowing their nose in this singular moment, we'd say goodbye to foreign oil dependency for good! Furthermore, we could -nay, we MUST mobilize a modern Manhattan Project by which we collect all the toenail clippings being needlessly shed RIGHT NOW. We could build shiny pearlescent bridges, planes, buildings, and monuments to American ingenuity like the world has never seen. That shining city on the top of the hill made completely out of toenail clippings!

Why can't we see? Children are our future.


Joey Polanski said...


The elusive but efficacious essence of nowness -- will we ever distill it?

Gin, on the other hand, is strangely plentiful -- and easily accessible.

It is this which has played havoc with my spelling.

I'm going to pass out soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...


The Biggest Secret that Could Save the World

The Future of Fuel

"Divine Intervention" is Stopping Nuclear War on Planet Earth

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the Thanksgiving Parade? It was really neat.

Other than the lady who got skull-brained when one of the floats crashed into the lampposts and almost killed her.

Oh, well....

Just Window Shopping,
An Innocent Bystander

Geritopia said...

To Anonymous #1:

Geritopia janitor says: I'm gonna have'ta erase the comments which have the gratuitous links on 'em in the future. Unless, you identify yerself and I know you're one of "us". And then I can at least honestly curse you personally for posting random looks-like-spam here. Otherwise I don't care if you're annonymous or president "puffy" nixon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Internet Management,

This is the "Big Palooka" who left those outrageous websites without a name that related to your noble ideas as to getting away from our nation's drug addition to foreign oil that is going to be running out at some point in time.

And your toe clippings for bridges is a very original idea too (you must have saved-up a lot).

I really didn't mean to hurt your feeling either. And I really do wish you and yours a "Happy Thanksgiving."

Mack the Knight

P.S. I also guess I didn't want Homeland Security to potentially put me into a small cage for finding solutions to our energy challenges on the Internet. Thanks for your understanding.

Geritopia said...

Hi Richard.