Saturday, November 26, 2005

And Speaking of Wieners

I can't imagine a more magnificent example of form-meets-function than the famous Wienermobile. These photos represent two different generations and they are both stunning. Why can't Detroit take a clue from these designs?

I've always wanted one of these babies. It's the perfect date car.


Joey Polanski said...

Nuthin like formd meat that functions!

Anonymous said...

Hot-dig-ga-dy Dog!

Won't you take a holiday ride in my Weiner Bus Girl?

Although, don't even ask me to drive my Weiner Bus into the "Valley of the Giants." For we might end-up in a Giant bun at a Giant's game being scarfed by a Giant with a Giant vat of beer.

Joe "The Weasel" Mulloy

The Gold State said...

I've only seen the Weinermobile “in the flesh” one time.

You know, the thing that's always bothered me about it is that the “bun” portion doesn't resemble a bun at all. Sure, it's beige, but they're really not even trying.

It's a shame. They worked so hard on the “weiner” part.

Kieran said...

You're a mighty art crankin' machine.