Friday, November 11, 2005

Other Folk's Photos Pt. II

whoever smelt it...


I also want to thank Coco the Clown Van, The Gold State, Mick, Anonymous, Dick Edgemont, Dan, Anonymous, Mr. Jingles, Anonymous, and SS for their submissions to the song lyric competition (10/3 posting), which is now closed. You're all beautiful and all winners in your own right. A finer bunch of schlubs would be hard to find, indeed. I'll follow up with the contest winner and the finished Mp3 at a future date, just as soon as I find my gold lame' jacket.


Coco "story time" Van said...

Giant Indians once roamed the earth, searching for the elusive smoking clown, One of the first to exam this phenomena was the ugliest men know to exist, So ugly was he that you could never look straight upon him or you would instantly go insane, hence all known photographs were only profiles, He journeyed to the darkest regions employing natives and their black magic to aid him in his quest. And on to the Alps he went for assistance from the Alpine Devil worshipers, Finally he came upon an old wise man and his muse who would decapitate children to help him in his search. But to no avail, He eventually gave up and tried to ease his mind by joining a P.T.A. pot party..... FIN

Joey Polanski said...

Im sendin severd head chrissmas cards this year too.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the staff here @ Geritopia for amassing such an array of "Twisted Americana." Your documentary "Portrait of America," is coming along quite nicely. To help in your post-production, I have once again broke-out my Labelmaker to help create some fun titles to go along with your spellbinding photo archive.

Categorizing and Theorizing,
Dick Edgemont

1. Axe Coming Down on Pushy Little Man!
2. Last Smoke for Bad Clown on Death Row
3. I Can Walk Through Walls....Just Watch Me
4. Rev. Houseplant Marries Pagan Taboo Dwarfs
5. The Dagger I Hold....Will Avenge Thee My Love!
6. Foreplaying XXX Adults (Censored)
7. Sacrificial Kid Heads Going to Meet Jesus in Heaven
8. Beatrice! How Ladylike Was That? Dang Girl!