Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pics, Puns & Prattle

Nothing to say today, sorry. I just can't keep the magic flowing all the time. There's nothing here to look at. You can all go back to your homes now.

Go HERE for a recycled cartoon.

And don't forget, there's only ONE day left for submissions to the song lyric contest (see 11-3 posting)!

And in Spanish: ¡Y no se olvide, allí no es solamente UN día a la izquierda para las sumisiones a la competencia lírica de la canción (véase 11-3 el fijar)!

OK, alright... Here's a couple of gratuitous shots of some guy apparently touring the country and inflating inner tubes with his mouth for the adoring crowds --from my "found" photo collection. With that much time on his hands, you just know he'd be a blogger today.

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Definitely a suit and tie event.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah?

Joey Polanski said...

At first I thougt them pitchers was pitchers of a guy wit a inflatd head.

Pleas post pitchers of a guy wit a inflatd head.

Coco "your in trouble now" Van said...

That's not an innertube, It's a elephant's intestine and he's making sausages! YUMMY! Please pass the salt,Thank you......

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. G,

I really enjoyed you're latest movie, "Sorry in Advance." It says so much about contemporary relationships. The High-Society Lady is like telling the audience by being dumbstruck with her "Big Palooka," that love is not only many times irrational and or foolish, but also can be based on lust vs. love.

Perhaps it's a karmically connected past life relationship they had in Egypt. One in which he was a cruel ruler and she was an innocent slave girl. Now the tables have turned and he's a not so smart cowboy and she's inherited the land he once ruled (merely a theory mind you).

May you keep on creating the fine art that you do.

Tally Ho,
Dick Edgemont

P.S. By the way, I really want to thank-you for helping launch my latest career, as that of a Filmmaker. See my latest movie (if you dare), "Dumb Puppet" @ (This film has been rated "Politically Radical." A film long in the making, was done by not being afraid to connect the too many obvious dots/facts through massive research. It's all apart of what makes up this "Fantasy Island/Matrix World" that we live in at this time (soon to change). We're only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Therefore, let us break those "Chains of Deception" by joining our hands and hearts in creating an awesome loving world to live with and in. Thank-you for your understanding :)