Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pacoima's 101 Greatest Make-Out Spots

I listen to a good deal of radio. There's much I could say about this subject but for now I just want to ask: why does Paul Harvey have to be on the airwaves? What is he doing?!!! His plodding hum-drum stories about nothing drive me batty. I liken him to the obnoxious uncle whose sole function is to show you how he can magically produce quarters out of your ear. You're not amazed or interested. You just wish he'd vanish but he's so caught up in self-amusement that you'd feel guilty if you left him in the lurch. --I sincerely don't want to hear "the rest of the story!" . Please put it away.

"page 2"

So that's my rant about Paul Harvey and I'm already starting to feel remorseful. It was simply an excuse to fill space here. He's probably really a very fine "fellow American". The End.

Disclaimer: contrary to rumor, I'm not always negative and not everything is potential joke fodder to me. Bu take my word for it, if I started laying down a serious political tone here I'd simply alienate everybody and I'm not quite ready to do that just yet. I do try to operate with a modicum of consciousness regarding the weighty events befalling our world as of late, realizing that this "kooky" blog would have been a lot less conspicuous in the fun and prosperous Nineties, when frivolity was king.

This blog is a purge --a means of dispensing stuff that just isn't befitting of a grown man contemplating a Presidential run. It's time I faced it. I don't want to be that old guy who wears Hawaiian shirts and drinks Papst all day, trying to mingle with the kids down at the drag strip. --just call me "Pops". After I unload all my boxes of drawings, photos, and memorabilia here, then it's gone for good and time to move on. Then I shall retire a wise bearded samurai (with a 'sixer of Papst).


Joey Polanski said...

Peapl still wanna hear im cause ... cause ...

... cause thay alwas been hearin im.

Coco "the zen master" Van said...

I once saw a picture of Jesus that really looked like an image of a potato chip, Weird Huh?

Geritopia said...

Didn't I just give you guys Halloween candy the other night?

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor of Geritopia,

As for your topic, "Pacoima's 101 Greatest Make-Out Spots," I find it to be a bit of a ruse as to not being "Spot On," (if that's okay to say). No doubt this was not a planned event therefore I do not accuse you of trying to "pull the wool over the eyes" of the readers. You probably had just pulled an "All-Nighter" and were too groggy to get it right, that's all (we're all only human).

I did find a great link though, "Where to Kiss in L.A." ( that your readers might find delicious as well as delirious.

As for Paul Harvey, I dated his daughter Wendy once who was "Smokin' Hot!" As for the "Make-out Spots" she'd leave on me, that's another story ;)

But her Dad was a bit of an "Old Fuddy-Duddy" like you said. He'd like always be trying to stop our intimacy from progressing around the bases. Like every time we'd go "Make-out" in a some cozy clandestine environment....her Pop would just "Pop-up" to either break it up or hide in the bushes to watch. Man, that was really weird, talk about pressure to perform. He even hid in the trunk one time!

Other than that, he was pretty cool. I still don't know how he did it, but he was able to make money come out of my head via the various holes that I have there. I'd laugh my head-off as he did this amazing trick over and over again until I had enough quarters to take Wendy out.

Party Hearty,
Jasper Wonderland

P.S. As for your lamenting ending-up as some "Old Wise-Guy Bearded Zen Master" drinking Papst down at the dragstrip (much more happening that you lament, BTW), there are many fates that would be far worse. Like, playing the part of a "Sad Clown" for kid's birthday parties, etc. (don't even get me going). So, burp loudly with your friendly snacks from the "Beer that is like No Other!" (This is not an endorsement)

The Gold State said...

Wow. That's harsh. What if he reads that? Let's just hope he's not as delicate as I am.


Geritopia said...

yeah, it was kinda' harsh. you have to be with me in the car when he comes on. for instance, i'm listening to the news and suddenly paul harvey comes on and he's dishing out this stuff that has no connection to anything. i try to turn the dial but he puts a hex on the car and i cannot change the station or pilot the car. it's just an evil game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We can all only wishful think about a better tomorrow.

Thus therefore.....we're all on the same side?

Wishful Thinking,
Mary Magdalene

Anonymous said...

Medal of Freedom Goes to Paul Harvey Among Others

Paul Harvey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W. Bush on Wednesday, November 9, 2005. But Paul Harvey, the tireless radio broadcaster still heard nationwide after 54 years, did not get to say "[Pause] Good Day." You could see the disgust in Harvey's face for not getting a chance to speak at the event as the President hogged the microphone from the honored guests.

Also, Bush feeling like a frisky jock on steroids from forgetting to take his Morning Meds, put up his dukes in a mock challenge and taunted the former World Champion Boxer Muhammad Ali as if to say "bring it on." Ali, 63, looked the president in the eye -- and then put his finger to his head and did the "crazy twirl" sign indicating that Bush is totally insane.

The room filled with laugher as those in attendance assumed the Champ must have been just joking around. Then everyone went into the dinner room to pig-out. Soon afterward, various guests were honored by a visit to the new V.I.P. Vomitorium.

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