Sunday, November 20, 2005

Wizard of Oz Vs. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wizard of Oz vs. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: compare and contrast. Sixty words or less. You have exactly 10 seconds.



Joey Polanski said...

One I seen. One I dint. The one I seen, I seen a million times. The one I dint, I dint.

Anonymous said...

The Wizard would kick Charlie's butt. Them Oompa Loompas pose no real threat, and Charlie is just a kid, and he eats chocolate to boot. Wizard has a whole city behind him, as well as magic.

What a silly match. Hmm, what would they be competing in? I just assumed professional wrestling or Roller Derby (like what else could it be?).

Geritopia said...

let me explain: oz and charlie are two films that come up as pivotal in the psyche of folks, not only in childhood but throughout their whole lives. people i respect stand by charlie but i can't see it. the wizard of oz, for my money, is vastly deeper and haunting, and it's so because it's such a sincerely innocent movie. charlie, to me, has a contemporary cynicism which makes it shallower. but it's not a bad film --i'm talkin' the original version. i was hoping to strike up violent debate here but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Willy Wonka is the original film-which is vastly superior to Wizard of Oz.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the film from this year, which is by far the best film I've ever seen. Johnnie Depp exudes way more personality than Gene Wilder did-and the film is more accurate to the book.

Of course, "The Wiz" and "Zardoz" were also better than WofO-and "Tommy" far outshines the lot-though I still give my vote to the current Charlie movie. It was a pivotal experience in my life.

Anonymous said...

Didja' ever see Wizard of Oz at the Cinerama Dome? That was a phenomenal experience. That witch's face 30 feet tall is pretty powerful. That was a great movie. Great effects too-better than any of that digital crap they have out now.

Anonymous said...

Both have a tyrant type character who controls hordes of little people. Although the little people live in a "Happy Colorful World," we wonder if they really are that happy working as slave labor. Then another group from the outside world enters into theirs. There is a challenge to over come. And in the process of over coming this challenge, the hero/heroine becomes transformed/enlightened with their personal empowerment that they had all along. If only they had searched for "the Heaven Within," to begin with, there wouldn't have been this whole drama. Then again, we love drama as a society....especially if it has nothing to do with us personally.

Knowing it All,
Dr. Phil

P.S. Then there's this totally creepy bizarre scenario to toss into the mix (do not read if you're a kid or still immature for your age).

Anonymous said...

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" a remake (some may differ, but that's because they don't know any better), has the Willie Wonka character as a total rip-off of the personification of the "child friendly" Michael Jackson (accidental?). Then you have Jacko playing in "The Wiz," which was a remake of that other original you speak of. You following my train of thought here?

As for me, I personally like my movies to be original....and my hash browns to be the only thing rehashed in my menu.

Thank-you very much!

Roger Ebert