Thursday, November 03, 2005

Song Lyric Contest!

OK, I could potentially really embarrass myself here, and so can you. Here's how: write some song lyrics and submit them in the "comments" section along with two box tops from Kellogg's Special K (or the street drug variant). The lyrics shouldn't be too long and I would recommend that they include a repeat-chorus style arrangement to work with. I will then record a song based on whichever singular submission that I select as the best. If no one replies then I will either go on a drinking binge or write an instrumental. The finished work will be posted here as a link to an MP3 that you can download and listen to. Doesn't that sound like fun? Knock yourselves up -I mean out!

my "teen idol" phase

Offer applies only in the planetary sphere known as "Earth". Song submissions are welcome from friends and family and employees of geritopia without limitation or restrictions. Finished song becomes property of Geritopia Industries Inc. and her subsidiaries, including ChewyBeefstick records. Song may be slightly edited to conform to music patterns and/or arrangement. Spam in the comments section are also legitimate contenders. Winner receives a burnt piece of bacon* Offer expires on 11-10-05.

*not true.


Coco the Clown Van said...

I'd like you to know I stubbed my toe.
It happened in the second row,It's the one with the bow.
I have a pet crow his name is George.
My car stalled and I needed a tow.
It died on the street with all the HO's.
I tried so hard to make it Go.
But it burst into flames and boy did it glow.
The tow truck driver put it out with a hoe.
He said to me go with the flow,I will complain to your boss man Joe,
I asked him his name he said it was..
Thank you!.......I'm here all week try the veal.....Thank you! Goodnight!

The Gold State said...


Foxy;-) said...

great blog you have here
i enjoyed it. thanks

Anonymous said...


Cajoling Bodacious Decorum Behooves the Antithesis in Offensive Diatribes
While the Stymied Dichotomy of Rampant Frigidity Prevails to the Snide
A Juggernaut Mocks Capitulation as to Tantalize the Pompous Pompadours
Into Provocation of Humdrum Machiavelian Melodies Adored

Nonetheless, “Huff & Puff” Ye Lampoonist and Harpoon "Old Fandangle Bear"
Redeem thy Habeas Corpus from Perpetuated Hypnosis no Matter
Repugnant Tribulation Flare
Shall Trigonometry or Calculus Free
Thy Boondoggle Veil?
Redundant Upheaval Purge to Somersault Beyond Subservient Hell!

Soothsayer!....Dragon Slayer!....
We Pom Pom Cheer!
For “We the People” shall rise from
The Ashes to be Here
Ha! Ha! Profundity!
Grandiloquence.....Fancy Dance..... Metamorphous of Stupidity!

Don’t wanna be no Sleazy Ho!
Get off the Drift of Merry-a-Go-Go!
Don't wanna Know? Oh No! Know! Know!
You Yo-Yo!.....You Yo-Yo!.....etc.
(Fade over the Yo-Yos....
"Punt! Redundant Pundits!")

By Dick Edgemont
Copyright 2005



Persuading Arrogant Socially Proper Interpretation of
The Status Quo is the Complete Opposite to thy Bitter Verbal Attacks.

While the Obstructive Separation of Unrestrained Manners of
Cold Sterility is Found Most
Commonly with the Sarcastic.

An Onslaught of Divinity
Ridicules Surrender only
To Tease and Torment the
Arrogant Flaky Ruling Elite.

Into Challenging the Dull Variety of the Unscrupulous and or “Ends Justifies the Means” Crowd to Wanting All to Sing-Along-Songs as to be Kiss-Butted to.

No matter, Try as You Might Oh Jester
To Take Down Those Dressed-up
Phantom Monsters of Humanity

Take Back Your Rights from
Your Sleepy Ongoing Daze
No matter how Dirty the Difficult Task.

Shall the Scientists with their
Equations Save Your Sorry Butt?

A Puking Society Over & Over Again
Will Most Likely Finally
“Get Sick of Being Sick” to go Beyond being
Mere Slaves of the Robotic Machine that has become Society's Demise.

To thy “Chosen Ones” who
“Still have Imagination”
And thy “Warriors of Justice”....
We Salute You!

For the Common Man will Always
Rise Again from the Trash Heap of Injustice.

Illusionary Fa├žade...Pretend Reality.....
Turn it Around onto Itself!

Awake! Awake! from being “Just Mere Dumb Bunny Puppets!”

Destroy the Hidden Varmints of Deception! etc..........

(The rest being so obvious, needs no further interpretation.)


Anonymous said...

It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

You've got me running in circles
But I can never catch you
Why do you torment me like this?
When you know it's so uncool

If only you'd look out the window
You'd see so many possibilities
But instead, you're all over the place
And that's really bugging me away annoying bubble bee
I've given you the chance to finally bee free
You know, some wouldn't have been so kind
They'd of smashed you already
Against the window blind

Even though I've said I'd
Never hurt a fly in the end
I've grown tired of trying to be your friend
It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

written by Mr. Jingles
Copyright 1952

Anonymous said...

there was a man bojangles and he danced for me, in old soft shoes...

Geritopia said...

i've got two song lyrics submitted here with copyright notices tagged to the end. or... or are they part of the song itself, perhaps? yeah, that must be it. ok, great.

ss said...

The armchair homeless guy shifts in his seat
He holds up a sign that says, “Will work for sleep.”
But sleep won’t come his whole life through
He imagined it one way but this is the truth
His mind plays chess on the water tower checkerboard
His crowning glory checkmate is always ignored
He dreams when he wakes he’ll be safe and warm
But how can you sleep when you’ve never been born?

The end.