Monday, November 07, 2005

Sexiest Leading Man: Peter Lorre

never too late to love the man

Speaking of subjects popularly thought of as "creepy"... this man, Ladislav Loewenstein, was one of the most powerfully electric actors of the screen. Clumsily underrated by bone-headed imbeciles for too long, he had more acting chops in his withered appendix than Tom Cruise has in his entire perpetually grinning head (and I'll never work in this town again).


Joey Polanski said...

Only thing creepyern this is Peter Lorre wit is head onnis sholders!

Coco "Mr. Giggles" Van said...

Yes, I see your point,But can you tell me how to get,How to get to SESAME STREET?

Anonymous said...

I totally give you a big "Thumbs-Up!" Dude for saying that that side-kick actor guy to Count Dracula is so much better than Tom Cruise in the art of theatrical presentation as you kick "Mr. Pretty Boy" off his "Egotistical Maniac Pedestal."

Major Tommy Cakes was such a totally uncool dweeb too when he and his "Goon Squad" forced me out of the leading role for "Minority Report." By the way, it was nothing like me turning down being "Agent.....(Whatever)" in "Men in Black." In fact, I'm beginning to think that Tom Cruise is a freaking "Space Alien," here only to impregnate our Earth women (the "Hybrid Program").

You just keep on standing-up against the mediocrity that has become Hollywood. It's not what you know, (you know) it's crawling on your hands and knees begging for crumbs that even the "Stool Pigeons" passed on by..........

Your Friend,
David Schwimmer

P.S. As for Pete being "sexy," I guess so in a S & M sort-a-kind-da kooky way.