Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yet Another Cartoon About Oil Drills

Here's a High School animation project that I dredged up. It's not an entirely horrible effort, I suppose. Towards the end of making this I found myself slightly in over my head, running out of time and, consequently, things got more limited as it went along. The quality here is total crap, as it's derived from a VHS recording of a Super-8 projection off a bedroom wall.

If you'd like to discuss the deep social profundity of "The Wandering Man", then by all means do. I don't have a clue what it's all about. I was much smarter when I made it and now I just shuffle down the street and keep to myself.


Anonymous said...

The depth, the pathos.

Chas B. Barley said...

I'm blown away that you did that in high school! Was it for Mr. K's class? Move over Ralph Bakshi!

Geritopia said...

Yes, Mr. K's class. Jerome Kestenburg was a happenin' Kat in the super-8 movies for grades dept.

Cocovan said...

Oils well that ends........Well?