Monday, August 13, 2007


Merv Griffin passed away and did you know that it was the very same day last year that talk show host Mike Douglas died as well? Don't ask me how I know this, I just do.

OK, but the weirdest thing that Merv and Mike had in common, I think, is that they both started each show crooning a song. Then they'd sit down for some intellectual chat with heavyweight guests like Henry Kissinger, Adlai Stevenson, Buckminster Fuller, and Charo. Just think of how alien that custom is to the modern talk show scene. What if Larry King or Letterman began every show by scatting like Mel Torme?

Maybe it would be a good thing. Or perhaps a test pattern would be inspirational, or a book.


Cocovan said...

I once saw Merv sing a song while chewing on glass....Now thats what I call inspirational!

Joey Polanski said...

I think Merv & Mike had sompm evn weirdr in common.

I think they had th same hair.

C. Barleyman said...

Oh why couldn't Karl Rove have died, and Merv retired to spend more time with his family?

I think I heard on the news that Merv had composed the theme music for Jeopardy. Another renaissance man a la Sneaky Pete!

Geritopia said...

Cokevan: You were chewing on glass or Merv was chewing on glass? Either way, that truly is behavior I do want to emulate.

Joey: But they battled fiercely over the one bottle of Prell.

C. Barleyman: Rove was just a puppet for Merv, who gave political advice to the Prez for over 34 years. Everything you see as you look around you is Merv's creation.

simple said...

What a coincidence.

I think Merv and Mike Douglas were twins seperated at birth. I never could tell the difference between them.

You serve a good service here at bloggy-blog.

paul said...

Chuck Barris wrote the song Palisades Park. How's THAT for a "coincidence-or-is-it?"