Friday, March 03, 2006

Wheels Pt.2

So I just turned another year older again. I really must stop doing that. It's not always easy to find a positive side to this "aging" thing. However, I can say that generally the older I get the less of a spaz I tend to be. It's something to do with metabolism.

Timothy Leary had the best spin on aging where he said something to the effect that old age is like a permanent state of altered-consciousness. His head now resides in a fridge.

People outside of LA may not know this but there are no old people in this town. Therefore, I had to go to the public library and do some research. I finally found an illustrated book of old people, just to see what's in store for the next phase of life.

Here are some photos from the book of old people. I can hardly wait for all the steamy eroticism just around the corner.


paul said...

Happy Birthday, for whatever it's worth coming from me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Geritopia! I think you should go with the old adage: another year older, another year wiser. And maybe the X-mas Bunny will bring you that bike you're hopin' for.

Sleepless in Berkeley

Anonymous said...

Or was that "another day older and deeper in debt"?

Balding in Berkeley

Joey Polanski said...

Looks like Tim Learys thougts on agin inspird a hole severd-head movement there!

Feliz cumpleanos --

errr ...

Happy Birfday, G!

Cocovan said...

Happy B-Day Gerit,
Did you get the Birthday card I didn't send you?
I just want you to know that your body has to age, But you don't...
So go out and kick a little kid off the swing set and enjoy yourself!!!!!