Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Protesting the Infinite Paradox with Calvin


Cocovan said...

Is it raining?

Anonymous said...

've got one of those in the back window of my van. It's my identity. I don't think that Mr. Watterson did that art work either.

Quotes: Q: What led you to resist merchandising Calvin and Hobbes?

A: For starters, I clearly miscalculated how popular it would be to show Calvin urinating on a Ford logo. . . . Actually, I wasn't against all merchandising when I started the strip, but each product I considered seemed to violate the spirit of the strip, contradict its message, and take me away from the work I loved. If my syndicate had let it go at that, the decision would have taken maybe 30 seconds of my life.

Q: What books do you keep reading over and over again?

A: Hmm. Suddenly I feel very shallow.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

Ooh, this will make a much nicer decal for the back of my Hummer!