Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Shall Never Be Fit To Run For Congress


joey polanski said...

Those curvaceous gentlewomen with their outstretched eyelashes would indeed entice me to vote in your favor, should you perchance refashion your lucidity in regards to your pursual of public office.

Nay, whether you were to partake of-or eschew the activities of Common Law Cabin, this simple post has brought clarity to the concept that your future-as well as all of ours- would best be served by your entry into the political realm.

Please, do venture forth-for the sake of us all.


Sorry. Joey dont do online vid.

me thnks im drnk.

Geritopia said...

Rippingly eloquent my fine feathered friend.

In acceptance of the nomination I want to say that I am the people's savant of the absent sort; a mountebank for the masses. With an esteemed endorsement such as yours Mr. Polanskishowski, I can only soar like the eagle, as it spirals into a Papst Blue Ribbon coma. Thanks.

Meanwhile Joey (because you are smart enough not to have an email, i will have to billboard this inquiry here), I wanted to know if you are aware of the "Stoogeum" in Philadelphia?

go here:

C.B. Barley said...

Whew! I guess there's a reason I've never seen a Russ Meyers movie. My poor ticker just couldn't take it.

But the announcer in that trailer sounded like Richard Nixon. The missing 12 minutes of tape?

Geritopia said...

While I'm absolutely positive that watching the feature could inflict injury on sensory faculties (or the ol' "ticker"), this trailer has got to be among the top 5 in the annals of film history.

Yes, that was indeed Richard Nixon's fine voice-over work.