Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Loitering Pays

Recalcitrant bohemian Paul over there at The Goldstate has acquired what looks like a very nicely-preserved Optigan. This has stirred up one of the deadly sins in my soul which is sloth. ...meaning that I want to eschew my responsibilities and greedily sleep off my envy and lust for this much sought-after instrument which is so rare that I'm impelled to gobble it up with gluttonous abandon. If not for my pride, I will nonetheless show my wrath one day. [I would like to pitch to the Vatican that being excessively cute on one's blog should be included as the deadliest sin].

If you want to know more about the Optigan keyboard then go Here. Tom Waits and others have used this kitschy kontraption to good effect. Paul found this at a certain second-hand store which has turned out to be a wellspring of impossible luck and gold dubloons for free.


dennis said...

This is all too esoteric. I'm sure everyone knows what an optigan is, but it's probably a rare person who knows Dr. Smith (if that's his [I]real[/I] name), or anything at all about the seven deadly sins (which you did a FINE*) job with.

*Fine, not in the sense of a lovely young woman, or a shapely automobile, but more in the vein of "Well done".

paul said...

The Optigan has turned out to be an amazingly effective substitute for love.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paul, way to rub it in!

paul said...

Oh, anonymous! I actually meant it as a commentary on my own sad and loveless existence. Leave it to you to interpret my self-deprecation as passive-aggression!