Monday, November 19, 2007

Wrapped Up Like a Deuce

"If you cannot convince anyone of anything, quote somebody else and watch the magic happen" --Geritopia

Yes, you got it here and you can quote me.


simple said...

Obviously, you know nothing-however true your observation may be. Now if someone else had said that, I'm sure it would be true.

Howling Cow! It's in print, it must be true! I retract the first four words of this comment. No, No, the whole first paragraph PLUS two more words from the second.

Bwill-yent... Simply Bwill-yent.

Is that Harpo Marx in the photo?

Geritopia said...

Thanks for making it Simple. No, that's not Harpo, it's Oprah Marx.

Charley O'Nonymous said...

That picture is way too kute. Were you a child star?

Geritopia said...

U-huh. At 8 yrs. old, I played Butch Patrick playing Billy Mummy in the Hallmark production of the Dadaist play: "Eyeball at Dawn". I was everywhere for a season.

polly esther said...

nice hat.