Sunday, December 02, 2007

Feral Cat Strut

The current up-tick in the use of the adjective "Feral" has gone too far, especially when adjoined with the word "Cat". Injecting Feral into social banter has suddenly become all the rage, as if it adds an air of personal identification with the plight of the feral. Suddenly everything is Feral... feral chickens, feral monkeys, feral cars and feral presidents of the United States, etc.

Can I get a witness?

Feral-Correctness casualty, the classic Key Largo.
"Aaah, Feral Cat, eh? Yeah. A real FERAL CAT!"


Wild hip dude said...

"Feral" is part of the paradigm of the current insouciantly proactive '[sedentary] man on the go'. You should know and embrace that, Mr. Slick Hollywood Pants, with a goatee and a beret.

Geritopia said...

You are right on all counts. I shall go home at once and think this over.

Cocovan said...

They were a ice cream parlor as I recall......No?

Geritopia said...

That's Ferrell's Ice Cream Parlor, which was a prototype for PJ O'Pootertoots from the Ben Stiller Show, if you know what that's about. They created an atmosphere where you were surrounded by exuberant "cast memeber"- type guys with straw hats and some kind of Victorian band concert trappings. They would encourage you to engorge your gut with as much ice cream as possible and then rewarded you with ribbons and trophies. I had a purple ribbon declaring: "I made a pig of myself at Ferrells", won by consuming the "trough", which was the double banana split. It was the only ribbon I ever won in my life.

Airplanes frequently crash landed into Farrells with fireball explosions, like what happened in Torrance and also in Van Nuys. For some reason they built the parlors at the end of runway strips.

I should rename this blog "Traumas of Childhood".

Anonymous said...

Didn't you used to have feral turtles (and tame feral ducks)?

Aviation fuel makes ice cream taste better. The sweetness is tempered by avgas, allowing you to consume larger quantities of ice cream. That's why they put them at the end of the runway. Also, stripes and straw hats-they confuse you. They had that whole thing going in Viet Nam. Indoctrination, interrogation, ice cream sundae.

Congratulations on your ribbon.

Charles Garage said...

I'm going into a diabetic coma thinking about Ferrell's "The Zoo": 40 scoops of ice cream, delivered on a stretcher (they can carry me out on it) by drum-banging wait staff.

And to Anonymous who remembers those ducks and turtles: I had a crush on all 3 Stern sisters.

Geritopia said...

Anony Mouse - yeah. We had feral ducks that ate buckets of feral snails. Thanks for knowing all about me without coming out from the bushes.

Charles - your parallel universe life has a way of uniting me with the few details I'd forgotten. The ZOO!!! The Stern sisters are still afoot. I saw them very recently. I hope they read this.

Anonymous said...

Ha Cha. The Feral Stern sisters! Yea Chuck!

Joey Polanski said...

Edwrd G, as Moses, in Ten Cmmandments: "Let my people go ... nahhhhw!

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