Friday, January 04, 2008

Navel Gazing at its Best

It's interesting to press the mind to go as far back into the earliest eensy-weensiest thing that you can remember. I seem to recall seeing my Dad rolling up to the driveway with a towering rack of BBQ ribs attached to the car and, also, some kind TV set made out of stone slabs. Then there's a blurry recollection of St. Paul going forth and converting the Gentiles. Then there was Henry XIII but, of course, everyone remembers Henry XIII.

Which reminds me...

It's humbling to note that before one's birth, there was no personal existence. It's as though we've already known obliteration and/or "death". Yet on a time-continuum, where every event is connected; where here-and-now is immutably extant with past and future, you could say that every single person is imminently alive and dead at the same time --which explains why many women choose to wear a thick foundation. It's a survival trick of the physically-bound human animal to experience the persistence of time, like frames on a strip of film create the illusion of animation. Reality is virtual. Therefore, there is no "us and them"; no doorknob; no Mexican Hairless. However, there are Taxes. Don't mess with Taxes.

Other idle pastimes include: Staring at your own reflection in a mirror until it appears to blur and mutate into some ghastly melting visage being consumed by ants. Also, ruminating about how human ears are essentially so strange an apparatus yet pass to be aesthetically worthy of dangling baubles from AND the fact that a shape as conspicuous as a nose attached to a human face allows anyone to pass for handsome or beautiful is beyond objective analysis.

It's raining today. What did you expect?


Joey Polanski said...

Lightn up!

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Geritopia said...


Anonymous said...

What would you say if it wasn't raining?

Chucks Deluxe said...

Lovey Howell.

No seriously folks. That stuff about being dead before we're born is hurting my head! It reminds me of the time Kevin F. and I were driving around Torrance in the rain at 2 a.m., with Alan Watts on the radio tweaking our poor little brains with suchlike concepts.

Happy new year, everybody.

Geritopia said...

Anonymous: I'd get a very tall ladder and build my own clouds.

Chucks: Don't ever mention Alan Watts when I'm stealing from him. I'm sure you're also aware that Gumby's pals Prickle and Goo were inspired by Watts' take on personality types.

And I hear that Lovey Howell is the new Cialis spokesperson.

Lastly, I just need to say "Amy Winehouse", just to throw in a current cultural reference. --Y'know, just to prove it can be done here.