Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yet Another Popular Term to be Sick of

You must have had your head in a book not to have noticed the popularization of the term "PWNED" on the internet. PWNED, of course, is gamer-speak for owned... as in "you're so owned", or "Dude, McCain got totally owned by Olbermann, snort-snort !".

If anything, countless "Pwned" videos on YouTube prove that it's a national obsession to pour over seeing someone you dislike being put int their place, bitterly wounded, getting comeuppance, etc. It really gets those salivary glands going.

What is wrong with everybody?

The End


simple said...

That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. So, I looked it up here and it just got stupider. Gad, just look up 1337-or don't, it's evil.

I wish I hadn't visited today. Now it will be polluting my brain forever more. Video games are so moronic. I guess you pwned me. I'm sure that's improper usage of 'pwned', I'm new at this. Give me a break

Geritopia said...

Take heart. There's always much stupider things to come.

Chuck Amok said...

Thanks for clearing up the pronunciation, Geritopia. I've seen the word on the 'net for years and sort of guessed what it meant, but trying to speak it was a tongue torquer.

Am I correct in guessing that you pwned those last two pictures (deaths of Lincoln & Marat)? Tres clever!

I think I'll take Simple's advice and not look up "1337".

Cocovan said...

Oh Thank you Gerit, And all this time I thought Kung-Fu Kitty had been "Pwned", But Alas he's in the alley kickin Pit Bull Ass!!!!!

Geritopia said...

mr. chuck... actually I cannot take credit for the last two, except for the google search.

cocoloco... cats are very lucky to be so endearing to humans, otherwise I suspect there'd be KFC's (C -for Cat).