Monday, April 28, 2008

Photoshop Slop # 100283: Deconstructed and glued back together

Here's the latest from your local tormented artist: "Girls Gone Wild with Blue Tank". The juxtaposition of the female form with military hardware never fails to convey a sense of jingoistic ardor. So I guess this piece will have to be defined as Agitprop and there's nothing I can say about it.

How did it happen? I was just innocently trying to make a nice picture to hang in a Dentist office. Hopefully, everyone is at least duly agitated and seeking Marxism as an alternative.

Or maybe the version below is better. I can't decide.


Chimps Ahoy said...

Andy Warhol would be proud.

My dentist will be ordering 2 of these prints for his office, and 3 for his yacht.

Cocovan said...

Check out the size of those "GUNS"!

Geritopia said...

All of us here at Bloggy-Blog know you have many choices on the internet. Thank you for choosing Geritopia. We make the future sparkly.