Saturday, May 03, 2008

Miles and Miles of Piles of Guitars

Dirk, the proprietor of Guitar Safari (not to be confused with Quixotic Sephardi) located in the storybook land of San Pedro south of LA, christened and set sail his new store, which looks just like his old store from the 90's, revived from cryogenic suspension. Yes, it was quite the Deja Vu with everything exactly as it was, except that all the on-lookers, myself included, are now ancient and grossly rotund.

So get your gigantic ass in gear and rush down to San Pedro immediately and buy as many guitars, foot pedals, strings, amps and whatever as you can to support Dirk's expensive habit.

Here's a bunch of Opening Day pics you can wrap your eager eyeballs around. Thanks to Dianne for her photo contributions.

This little guy, the embodiment of all the dark forces of the universe, keeps watchful guardianship over Guitar Safari. He's only slightly creepy but, not to worry, he won't stab you mercilessly, so long as you buy a guitar.

Post revelry repose.


Charlie Bo Barley said...

Way to go, Dirk!! Glad to see there's life post-Benbow. Now who is that dapper white-haired gentleman in the sky-blue jacket?

My Name is URL said...

I would get my giant ass down there, but I'm offended that I wasn't invited to the gala opening bash.

I also don't play the guitar, or go on safaris.

Maybe that's why I wasn't invited?

I'm not offended anymore. I now live in a place of peaceful tranquility. Now I'm thinking of taking up the guitar. That would be nice. Maybe go on a safari too.

Hey, wait a minute. I'm again offended that I wasn't invited to the opening-because I'm considering taking up the guitar...

But I wasn't considering this before, so I'm not offended after all. But why should that matter? (repeat previous, thread- ad nauseam)

Charlie Bo Barley said...

I haven't seen him for several years, but I do believe that's Geritopia among those guitar partiers.