Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does This Still Work?

It Does!

I'm thinking about returning to blogging for my 3.5 loyal fans, lo after all these years.

Reviewing my posts here from the late 2000's, I'm made aware of how unreadable most of it was. But there were a few shining exceptions. The fact that I managed to post a clip of a young woman singing a song from an obscure Closet World TV spot and then have her comment here made it all worthwhile. To be instrumental in providing a venue for something that odd is rewarding. It's times like these we need such diversions from the numbing hounds of media:


Joey Polanski said...

The Rent Is Too Damned High Party ... formerly the Uncle Remus Party ...

jonquil said...

your site was bookmarked in my Internet Exploder browser, which i rarely use (long story!) and i came across it just now and was all like, "i wonder what gerit is up to nowadays," so i have to
say, you simply MUST return to blogging.

Joey Polanski said...

Yeahski ...

Anonymous said...

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