Monday, February 13, 2006

Blogging From Work

It's probably not hip to blog unless you do it while at work, which implies that you actually spend the balance of your dynamic life boozing and betting on the ponies. This is my first posting from work. Fill in the blanks.

So here I am and I have nothing to say, except I want to go home.

But let's not talk about me. . . how are you?


Joey Polanski said...

Im fine.

I aint werkin.

What els is new?

Geritopia said...


I will be older soon. I'm hoping that the theory that the universe will collapse means that we will re-live all this in reverse.

Cocovan said...

I'm good thanks for asking,
I'm here at work and I want to go home......So I think I will BYE-BYE.