Monday, February 06, 2006

Red Dye #3


Anonymous said...

Nicely disorienting images, Geritopia. Any hint about the techniques/software you used? And does "Red Dye #3" have some unifying meaning for this collection, or is it just a dada kind of thing?

-- Charlie

Geritopia said...

You win on the Red Dye question, as per your assumption. Pretty impressive for the first in line. Other than that, there's only a few salient symbols of the most self-indulgent sort.


Oh and it's all just photoschmotoshopped.

Joey Polanski said...

When was Kermit th victim of a mob hit?

Anonymous said...

Now it occurs to me that the jumbled barrage of images and phrases that surround us are like artificial food coloring, ubiquitous but rarely noticed, coursing through the veins of our subconscious. So you are meaningful in spite of yourself.

-- Charlie again

Cocovan said...

DYE RED DYE!!!!!!!