Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Visual Retention Test

Last year Los Angeles had something like 30 inches of rain. If you ask me, that's the way it should be. It turned local Temescal Canyon into a tropical paradise full of exotic frogs, parrots, and monkeys with fiery orange posteriors. Sadly, when the weather dries, they are the first to take a cab out of town. I documented the lush scenery with these photo collages.

Bonus KiD's KoRneR: can you pick out the difference between the first and second shot in each set?

(click for larger)






Anonymous said...

You're selling cigarettes and beer to kids, ala Camel Cigarettes? But, mmmmm, the beer refreshes!

Joey Polanski said...

NO FAIR! I mean, in th first set, th guys got his toes crossd in th secon pitchr. But howr we sposta no that when he got his SHOES on in bofe?!

Drty pool, man! DR-TY POOL!

Cocovan said...

Those pictures remind me of my summer camp daze..........