Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Things that annoy pt. XLVII

gag-reflex guarantee

Apple is running a very stupid ad campaign on their site exploiting the time-honored divide between computer platforms. A dunderhead duo introduce themselves: "I'm a PC" and "I'm a Mac" -- the respective ersatz twins of Gates and Jobs. While I have been a Mac user forever, the spot is so cloying about how hip (and unshaven, like me) you are to own a Mac that I felt compelled to drown my machine in the toilet.

There's a better life in the next world for my underdog Mac.

Now that I've gone there, I might as well finish. I've encountered people who take the PC vs. Mac thing quite seriously, like willing foot soldiers on a consumerist Jihad. It's yet another American "culture war" -this one premised on silicone. It's not difficult to see that both sides of the contest, so deeply invested, are losers.

I, on the other hand, am perfect. I never go there. I never proclaim anything so ridiculous. My hands are clean. I just plug in my Ipod ear-buds and stay neutral, cool, un-shaven. OK, everyone look at me now.


Ahh, Blogging. A safe womb for my cardboard fiefdom.

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paul said...

Then there are the very ashamed PC users who only use them because they've always been very poor and PCs are so much cheaper. They know that Macs are "Blue State" and PCs are "Red State." They know this and it makes them feel like crap, and they're going to get Macs as soon as they can afford them.

This is what I've heard.

Joey Polanski said...

How cool am I -- wit my HAL 9000?

Geritopia said...

you win. now if you'd only open the pod bay doors, hal. hal, open the pod bay doors. hal...

Anonymous said...

I've always found Apple's ads annoying, especially the arrogant and gramatically challenged "Think Different" campaign. I really can't see Gandhi & Lennon shilling for high tech of any stripe.

I personally don't think there is much difference between the Mac & PC platforms, and I use both. Maybe the Mac is still desirable for high-end graphical applications. As far as I know, they are both (as are we who consume them) complicit in generating electronic waste and sweatshop assembly conditions.

Cranky in Berkeley

Cocovan said...

I ate my mac with cheese and it was delicious,
As far as being "PC", Go Fuck Yourselves!
There I said it, Look at who? What?

Joey Polanski said...

"Dai - sy! Dai - sy! Gim - me yer an - sr, do!"

Cocovan said...

Hey Gerit,
someones on to you.......