Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Scoop: Lennon vs. Spiderman

We all know that John Lennon stole or "nicked" his song ideas from the likes of Cole Porter, Jimmy Osmond and Frank Sinatra. Well, here's yet another Gotcha Exclusive from the folks at Bloggy-Blog! We have Side-by-side evidence that Lennon's hippie protest song John Sinclair was a blatant rip-off of the popular 60s' TV cartoon Spiderman.

Push HERE for smoking gun.

[note: If you play it backwards it goes: "Richard Nixon is my very favorite pal". ...but that's for another post]


Joey Polanski said...

Jimmy Osmond -- was he th cute one?

Geritopia said...

Yes. He was cute with a bulbous forehead. AND he's available for weddings & Bar Mitzvahs.

Anonymous said...

You look

older. did you get older?

Geritopia said...

I work in the trenches of the entertainment industry and we're not allowed such luxuries as "getting older".

bugthecat said...

anonymous has clearly made a cry for help...have you no heart? projecting his/her own insecurity is just so sad. perhaps an intervention would help. we could tape it for A&E and make...thousands...or enough for lunch.