Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drugs and Lots of 'em too

I seem to have a fairly low tolerance for most mind-altering substances, except John Denver records and Hostess Cakes. That's probably been a good thing, because otherwise I'm sure I'd be eating sandwiches of LSD all day long.

While I've never been a huge fan of Dr. Timothy Leary, I do have one favorite quote from him that goes: "advanced age is like an altered state of consciousness". I think that's about the most positive spin on aging I've ever heard, which leaves me with that to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I've been reading about alternative attitudes on drugs, without actually taking any. LA tap water is mind bending enough.

I've also been watching a very interesting hippie chick on YouTube. She's got a mess o' videos about her experience with almost every conceivable "Entheogenic" drug, laying it out in the most wispy "everything's good and everything's OK"-kinda' way. [Some things are not good: Namely, I do feel bad for the toad in the video.]


Anonymous said...

She fits my perception of a stereotype (or even a quadrophonictype). She's really fabulous. I think she's had too much toad juice.

So toads evolved this poison to make people happy? I'm sure they post their own videos on ToadTube explaining how to get caught and cared for by a human. "The downside of this is that you get pinched once a week or so, but the upside is that you have a cushy life and easy food..."

You get away from them drug videos, they will lead you down the path to conspiracy videos, and there's no coming back...

Geritopia said...

People should diary and explore their "entheogenic" beer intake, eh buddy? Har-Har-Harrr!!!! *burp*

Yeah sure.

Geritopia said...

I regret posting this one. Sorry.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

Fascinating! I checked out her mescaline video too. I just hope this young woman doesn't over-do it. Three people I know of from my high school got long-term fried (I'm talking years or decades) from too much or the wrong kind of acid. My one experience with peyote was a disaster. I can't handle more than a single beer these days. Never did get to lick a toad.

Hey Anonymous, I'm seriously tempted to register a ToadTube domain if you don't. I see someone is squatting (ha ha) on, but is free.

Anonymous said...

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