Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sublimate Your Libido!

Today's tip: go to an electronic graphic arts convention like I did this last Tuesday. It's still up and running, so don't miss out. It's Siggraph 2008 at the LA Convention Center, no less. You can mill around computer software vendors, 3d animation demonstrations, drive a virtual race car, and eat virtual food at inflated prices. But the main thing is that your libido will be completely sublimated, as you find yourself immersed in all the latest technology.

Hold the presses! While browsing the internet for an accompanying image to steal for this post, I found the above shot. I obviously went to the wrong Siggraph convention. Last year in San Diego was evidently a whole different scene but I still insist that HAS to be some sort of robot cyber dancer.


Chumley Do-Right said...

[Seen on billboard on wrong side of town:]

"I sublimate my libido by reading Bloggy-Blog!"

Cocovan said...

I'm not wearing underwear!

Eliezer said...

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