Friday, August 22, 2008

The Spiritual Look

Which personal grooming style conveys the most spiritual authority: (A) the Seventies clown hair or (B) the bald and virile?

I think we both know the answer. It depends on the enlightenment fashion dictates of the decade you live in. In the 70s, overly-styled clown hair was where "it" was at. The word "it" in Sanskrit translates to: "the ineffable 'it-ness': i.e., there 'it' goes, here 'it' comes again". Right now, however, if you want to visually communicate that you've got "it" in terms of spiritual book author cred, then don't be foolish. The path is clear. The way to the mountain top and an Oprah endorsement is to shave your head.

I'm not being funny here. I mean shave your head. Now!!!


Atlas Cerise said...


Cocovan said...

My lettuce tastes' funny now!

Anonymous said...

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