Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Contractual Post

Fellow Kids,

I'm all grown up now and I'm all out of ironic comments. From here on I'm only going to write poetry about seagulls and tips on understanding escrow --plus, delicious new bundt cake recipes. I've consumed enough at Walmart and watched enough TV for 50 men, and now I am made whole in the eyes of social workers everywhere. A distilled and pliant man. I hereby surrender my soul to a future of shuffleboard tournaments and an I.V. line full of iced tea. I used to afraid of this sort of life, surrounded by doilies and porcelain figurines of dutch girls with geese. But, I must say, it's like a pair of soft slippers padding on purple clouds here on the "other side". You'll just have to carry on and don't worry about me.


Meanwhile, here's a nice photo of an old firehouse in downtown LA that I took several months back. They don't make firehouses like they used to. They're not as cute. I think Donald Duck worked here in the 30's.