Monday, April 17, 2006

More Ads From Our Sponsors

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Joey Polanski said...

Wild Women of Broadway at ten cents a pop? That mite seem like a real bargin.

But remembr: This was back in th day when wild Broadway women an mysterious bathing blonds wernt "attracktive," but lifelike drunkerds an magick fingr chopprs were!

Geritopia said...

The sincerity of "we match pants" almost makes me cry.

paul said...

"Hello? Is this the Big Animal Feet Company? Yes, well listen, I'd like to return the Big Animal Feet I purchased. Well, sure they're big...yes...three times normal size, more or less...the size isn't the problem....yes...well, yes, it DID only take about five seconds, but the amount of time it takes isn't the problem, either. The problem is that they have utterly failed to make me walk in an unusual way."