Friday, April 28, 2006


At the conclusion of Kubrick's classic Dr. Strangelove there's a ballet of nuclear explosions set against a wistful "We'll Meet Again". The result was the quintessence of black comedy. More recently, the pairing of music and repetitive declassified atomic test footage has become a genre unto itself.
Tired of the usual grind of skateboard and/or surf movies with their predictable driving guitar soundtracks? Then move on up to countless hours of atomic blast movies, where ANY music score will add to the irony and fun! And, of course, you can easily find 'em on Luckily for you I've done all the hard work and provided the following highlights:

Pure Armageddon abandonment Here

Same footage, different soundtrack Here

Mash-Up style Here

Holocost gone Classical Here

Extremely scary underground blast Here

...and more Here, Here, & Here

Below is my favorite (yet not entirely musical) clip which pits mannequins -"Mr. and Mrs. America"- against a very severe atomic heat rash.


simple said...

Back then, the government cared about us. What happened?

I didn't realize it was safe to go into a nuclear blast zone 24 hrs after decimation. That makes me feel better. I bet those mass fed people are happy about the safety measures.

Now why couldn't I find any rocket sled videos on You Tube?

Cocovan said...

Bury me on Media Hill.......

Joey Polanski said...

I got a dummy I usta blow up evry Friday nite.

Geritopia said...

no rocket sled, Simple but if you use the YouTube search for "astronaut test" you'll find the Mythbuster segment which I think you'll enjoy.

cocovan, you've got it

joey, can i have the dummy back now?

me, hi me.