Sunday, August 27, 2006


Listen up you mugs,

I have this here whatch'call "music software" that'll print out what which you push on the 88 keys, see? No matter what you play, it usually looks very impressive, see? It's as if you brought your composition to life using a pen and quill. It really gets the dames all excited. You can't miss! Even you non-musician dopes can do it.

Here's a little number of mine, which you can play, entitled "Proclimation de constipation". Now get crackin'!


Joey Polanski said...

I cant get crackin.

You dint write no parts fer perckussion.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

I wanna hear the audio file!

Cocovan said...

Is that a major or minor?

Anonymous said...

What's the software? I wanna' excite some dames!