Sunday, August 20, 2006

Macca Spuds is loaded with Paul McCartney clips. His face is everywhere, doing this and prattling on about that. It's like he's cruising to supernova for billions of fans on a global satellite link. The good news is that he's finally gotten 'round to showing us how to make mashed potatoes in this video --and I say it's about time!


simple said...

That lasted too long. I lost interest, fell asleep on my keyboard. That made some magic key-press combination that transported me into some strange future world. There were immobile monochrome people standing about me all of the time. Cats kept licking my ears with their scratchy tongues. Everything was great-until several screaming banshees came up and smeared Crisco in my hair. I lost it. Not my hair-my composure. I screamed and chased the banshees away. Eventually I fell into a chasm where there were tiny fish with lights on their heads WALKING about on the hard, dry granite. They forced me into slavery. I had to tend to their corn crops, which they made me process into high fructose corn syrup. All I got to eat for a very long time was loose goat hairs. I finally made my escape at the end of the growing season by hiding in the corn husks that were about to be burned. Through some odd set of circumstances, the husks insulated me, and a strange atmospheric condition swept me up with the smoke, and through a time portal vortex-which deposited me firmly back in my old present time (Now). Fortunately, I ended up in Wilmington. I hopped on a bus, and got me back home in a couple of hours. I came straight to my computer and wrote this, while listening to some old 'Wings' records.

Was Ronald Regan really the best president ever, or maybe George W? Hmm, I'm hungry. I wonder if McDonald's has loose goat hair burgers? Probably not. Probably need to go to Pho.

Cocovan said...

I have a blister on my right big toe, And it makes me laugh at all it's jokes.....HA-HA-HA, That one was funny Mister Blister.....

Charlie Bo Barley said...

I liked Let It Be better.

The media nickname "Macca" grates on my ears as badly as "Jacko". Yuck!

We have Linda's vegetarian cookbook, but we haven't tried this recipe.

Geritopia said...

I didn't get the Macca tag until I heard an old clip where John Lennon is heard addressing him that way. Then, I guess because Lennon said it, it's OK.

I don't think John ever called Paul "Jack-o", although Ring-o did-o.

unrelated footnote:

I must confess that Bloggyblog has reached an alarmingly flat, sort of summertime croquete in the park, level of reading. I accept full responsibility. I will try harder to compete with and will soon include more fiery skulls and body piercing iconography hereabouts just as soon as I possibly can.

Meanwhile, any hostile corporate takeovers are welcome.

Joey Polanski said...


Now McCartneys on my list!